Christian Education

Adult Division

All Classes meet from 9:45 - 10:30 AM

“Jacob & Hannah” • Sr Adults (Ages 65+) — Grandparents, Elder Saints
Location: Choir Room (Sanc. Bldg)
Mature saints gaining and sharing wisdom with others through the Word.
Facilitators: Min. Patricia Pitt, Min. Patricia Moss

“Moses & Joshua” • Men
— Husband, Father, Divorced, Widowed
Location: Room 206 (Sanc. Bldg)
Men gaining strength from each other, relying on God and examples of Godly men of the Bible.
Facilitators: Dea. Richard Robinson, Bro. Bernard Steadman

Naomi & Ruth" • Women (Traditional Curriculum)
— Wives, Mothers, Sisters, Aunts
Location: Room 106 (Life Center)
Mature, wise women relying on the promises of God.
Facilitators:Sis. April Barksdale, Sis. Sharon Dill

“Sisters in Christ” • Women
— Wives, Mothers, Sisters, Daugthers
Location: Room 203 (Sanc. Bldg)
Applying the strength of faith of the women of the Bible to today’s woman.
Facilitators: Sis. Cathy Alston, Sis. Pamela Porcher

“Priscilla & Aquila” • Married Couples
Location: Dining/Multi-Purpose Room (Life Center)
Couples strengthening their relationship using the principles of God’s word.
Facilitators: Bro. Tim Drummond, Bro Bruce/Sister Tamira Mosely

“One on One” • Single Adults
— Unmarried, Divorced, Widowed
Location: Room 201 (Sanc. Bldg)
Learning from God’s word to be “single and happy; alone but not lonely.”
Facilitators: Bro. Willie Durham, Bro. Rufus Perry

“Timothy” • Young Adult (Ages 18-24)
Location: Room 205 (Sanc. Bldg)
Applying scripture to “put away childish ways.”

Facilitators: Bro. Aaron Shiver

Unassigned/Back-up Facilitators:Sis. Jean Miller, Bro. Adam Phyall, and Bro. Chris Smith

Non-Teaching Staff:Administration — Open; Care — Open; Outreach — Sis. Lillie Hall; Prayer — Open; Resources — Sis. Valerie Dunlap

Youth Division

Grades 9-12th (LOCATION: ROOM 103 - LIFE CENTER)
Instructors: Sis. Wanda Douglas, Sis. Angela Gaines, Min. Renee Latimore, Min. Vince Perry, & Sis. Virginia Rosemond

Grades 6-8th (LOCATION: ROOM 104 - LIFE CENTER)
Instructors: Bro. Ronnie Brock, Sis. Julia Robinson, Sis. Kendra Robinson, & Sis. Tracy Robinson

Grades 3-5th (LOCATION: ROOM 105 - LIFE CENTER)
Instructors: Sis. Miriam Anthony, Sis. Karen McKinney, Sis. Ruth Tutt, & Sis. Christa Williams

Grades K5-2nd (LOCATION: ROOM 100 - LIFE CENTER)
Instructors: Sis. Tameko Colbert & Sis. Norma Smith

Pre-School (LOCATION: 101 - LIFE CENTER)
Instructors: Sis. Georgia Hawkins, Sis. Angelus Hill, & Sis. Blondell Jones

Specialty Classes

Discipleship 101 (LOCATION: Various)
Foundations of Christian Faith

Discipleship 102 (LOCATION: Various
Extension of Discipleship 101
Training For Service

Group Facilitation Skills (LOCATION: Various)
Fundamentals of Facilitation

Leadership 101 (LOCATION: TBA)
Developing Church Leaders

Financial Peace (LOCATION: TBA)
God’s way to Financial Freedom

New Member Orientation (LOCATION: ROOM 101 - Sanc Bld)
New Member Class (LOCATION: ROOM 103 - Sanc Bld)

Specialty Class Facilitators

BBC Deacon Ministry, BBC Deacons and Ministers Wives Ministry, Bro. Robert Colbert, Bro. Gerald Davenport, Bro. Timothy Drummond, Rev. Jesse Evans, Bro. Adam Phyall, & Sis. Deneise White

CED Staff

Dea. Don McCullough, Director • Min. Charles Mention, Adult Superintendent • Assistant Adult Superintendent (Open) • Min. Benita Harris, Youth Superintendent • Sis. Kathy Mention, Assistant Youth Superintendent • Min. Renee Latimore, Wed. Night BI Coordinator • Rev. Jesse Evans, Sun. Morning BI Coordinator • Sis. Sis. Kendra Robinson, Summer BI Coordinator • Sis. Sellestine, McLain Communication Lead

[CED= Christian Education Department and BI= Bible Institute]